We’re Growing Belize!

Our journey

In 1959, two brothers from abroad who had worked in a feed mill moved to Belize. On a small plot of land with only a shovel as their equipment, they together started what is today a giant industry in Spanish Lookout. Reimer’s Feed Mill has been one of the leading suppliers of animal health progressed to produce enough feed for all the country since then. Reimers also offers veterinary products and pet supplies. The company has expanded by opening outlets in different parts of the country, especially to promote small-scale backyard farmers in the towns and villages countrywide.

Pets food

Reimer’s Feed Mill is your best source to get high-quality animal feeds at reasonable rates. We carry out strict quality checks for our quality products. From horse equipment, animal health products to livestock feeds; we have everything to cater to your requirements. It’s our guarantee that none of our products is manufactured using toxic chemicals; top-quality organic materials are used to provide better results. Our team of experts specializes in providing complete customer satisfaction.

Good Nutrition is not a choice; it’s a Necessity!